Telemarketing Scams DEMO

Consumer scams through telemarketing are extremely common ways fraud is committed in the United States. According to the National Consumer League’s Internet Fraud Watch, there are some scams that are more prevalent than others. Let’s take a look at the most common Telemarketing Fraud Scams in the United States.

Scam #1: Fake Check Scams

In this scam, you receive interest from a classified ad for an item to be sold (e.g., car, furniture, etc.). This prospective “buyer” offers to give you more than the requested amount by a certified check, and then he/she asks that you wire the remainder to him/her. Unfortunately, the certified check is a fake and now you do not receive that money and you have lost the “remainder” that you sent.

Scam #2: Prizes/Sweepstakes

In this scam, you are promised payment for a prize or sweepstakes that never happens. In many instances, you may not even remember signing up for the sweepstakes or prize (probably because you didn’t). Your name is selected, and the scammers then ask for your personal information to either send the money (with a counterfeit check, which can get you into trouble), or they say they can deposit the money directly into your account. Either way, you will not obtain the funds.

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