Internet Scams DEMO

Internet consumer fraud is a big business in today’s world, especially with the vast use of websites and e-mail. According to the National Consumer League’s Internet Fraud Watch, there are some scams that are more prevalent than others. Let’s go through the Top 10 Internet Fraud Scams in the United States. In this course, we will discuss some of the most common Internet fraud scams in the United States and how to counter them.

Scam #1: Fake Check Scams

In this scam, you have placed a classified ad for an item to be sold (e.g., car, furniture, etc.) which generates some interest. This prospective “buyer” offers to give you more than the requested amount by a certified check, and then he/she asks that you wire the remainder to him/her. Unfortunately, the certified check is a fake, which means that you will not receive the majority of payment for the item. Additionally, the money that you wired to the buyer is also gone, with no way of retrieving it; therefore, you have lost more than what your ad stated. Plus, in some instances, you have already sent the product sold.

Scam #2: General Merchandise

A general merchandise scam occurs when you have purchased an item through an online classified ad (other than an auction site), the amount you paid the private seller has cleared your account, and you never receive the item purchased, or you receive an item that is much different than stated in the ad.

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