Credit Card Fraud DEMO

Your credit is your financial reputation. As such, you should protect it in any way possible, just as you would protect your personal reputation. In recent years, credit card fraud has risen; in fact, many financial institutions and other credit issuers have spent millions of dollars trying to fight this problem.

Protection from Credit Card Fraud

However, your diligence in this area is actually your best defense against fraud. Take a moment to review these important guidelines given by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to help protect your credit and your financial reputation:

Sign your cards as soon as they arrive. Some people believe they should put “ask for photo identification” on the back of their card instead of signing it; this is not recommended by the FTC and other experts in this area. If a thief has your card without a signature and fake identification with your name on it, what is to stop him/her from using the card?

Carry your cards separately from your wallet. Many people carry their cards in a zippered compartment in their purse.

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