Building for Your Future DEMO

Now that you have established financial goals and a budget, you are ready to save what you need to achieve the results you desire. Saving money is essential to meeting your financial goals. Unfortunately, saving money can be a difficult thing for some people. It’s not really that saving money is hard, but that spending money is so easy.

This module focuses on how to effectively save money for your immediate goals as well as for your future dreams and wishes.

Start a Savings Portfolio

As you know, saving money is not usually an easy task.  But, with your financial goals intact, you are ready to begin. Don’t be discouraged if you can only save a little each month…a little is better than nothing. In fact, even saving $2 per day can have a great impact on your financial well-being in the future. Let’s take a look at how much you will be able to save:

  • $730 after one year
  • $3,650 after five years
  • $7,300 after 10 years

And, that is not counting the interest that you could earn!

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